How Can Foreigners Obtain a Health Insurance Policy in Ukraine?

Опубликовано Natalia 28 Май, 2019
Why does a foreigner need medical insurance?

Medical insurance provides an opportunity to receive high-quality medical care and outpatient procedures, as well as a medical record or a sick leave certificate. But most significantly, timely obtaining the policy is also justified by the provisions of the applicable laws of Ukraine, which obliges every foreigner to acquire a full insurance package for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. This procedure is required for those who plan to reside, work or study in the Ukrainian state for a long time. Also, a policy should be obtained by those citizens who want to extend an employment visa, or move to Ukraine for permanent residence.


How to apply for medical insurance? What are the terms to receive the service?

Foreign citizens can obtain a medical insurance policy through an official representative of any insurance company. At this point, a reasonable issue arises: how to make the right choice of a service provider. The fact is that there are strict requirements for the process of insurance document registration in Ukraine.

Currently, there are several available rates. Also, a foreigner will be able to find the most suitable option upon personal review of the available list of options, or with the help of a professional agent who will tell about all features of the paperwork. Medical insurance is provided for a period of 1 month to six months. Afterwards, a citizen can extend the validity of a policy without submitting additional documents by just paying for the package of services selected.

Police time limits depend on the type of the service package chosen, availability of the required documents and other bureaucratic features. In some cases, this process may be delayed, especially if a citizen does not have a permanent source of income, or a temporary residence permit in Ukraine yet. Thus, it is better to contact a specialized company that will deal with obtaining of this product.


List of documents required to obtain medical insurance by a foreign citizen:
  • Copy of a valid alien’s passport;
  • Translation of the first passport page (if any);
  • Information on a place of residence in Ukraine (temporary registration);
  • Period of validity of the current insurance policy.
How to avoid unwanted problems applying for insurance services?

Comprehensive insurance of resident aliens is a complex procedure which is significantly time-consuming. At the same time, a citizen will have to attend various bureaucratic offices, spend time in queues and solve other problems related to various “paperwork” issues on his own. You can avoid such features by plainly contacting Profalians. Our Company provides assistance in obtaining health insurance for resident aliens in Ukraine. Direct cooperation with the agents, loyal pricing policy and quick turnaround for providing the service are the major advantages of applying to us! In addition, we provide all the required guarantees and select the insurance product in accordance with your basic needs.